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Mobile Push Detail Extract Report incorrectly formatted

Marketing Cloud Automations , Marketing Cloud Mobile , Marketing Cloud Reporting

When utilising the 'Mobile Push Detail Extract Report' ExtractType, and a field contains a set of double quotes, along with a comma, the Data Extract delimits the csv file incorrectly.

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Standard Tracking Extract running long with Impression Tracking parameter

Marketing Cloud Automations

When a Standard Tracking extract pulls the parameter for Impression Tracking it may cause the extract to run longer than usual.

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Unable to Create Automation Studio Folders via SOAP API using DataFolder object

Marketing Cloud Automations

When a SOAP API request is made to create Automation folders with the DataFolder object, the request fails with the following error: "automations" is not a valid Folder ContentType.

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Email Calendar Automation Events have Incorrect Re-occurrence Times

Email Clients , Marketing Cloud Automations , Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Sending

When retrieving the times for the calendar the first event (stored as the next recurrence) is correct but each event after is displayed using incorrect information. We believe this to be related to timezones where the account timezone is positive to UTC (such as +5:30). When the automation runs, this...

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Cannot load Automations when User has specific Time Zone

Marketing Cloud Automations

If the Cloud Preference/Time Zone for a user is set to "(GMT-3:00) Santiago" and they go into Automation Studio, clicking on any Automation will cause the screen to get stuck loading.

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Double Hyphen Comments in Query Activities cause them to fail during execution

Marketing Cloud Automations

Utilizing double hyphen comments in SQL Activities cause them to fail at run time.

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Journey Builder | Test Send | Simulation journeys returned by _journey data view

Marketing Cloud Automations , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

When the _Journey Data view is queried results including a JourneyName beginning with "Simulation" are returned. These Journeys are not visible in the UI.

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Triggered Automation - Queued automation instance will skip if previous running instance has a data verification activity that stops the automation

Marketing Cloud Automations

If a triggered automation instance is running and a data verification activity stops the automation, any queued automation instances will skip

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Unable to use 'sp unsubscribe' in Syntax of Marketing Cloud SQL Activities

Marketing Cloud Automations , Marketing Cloud Admin

When using a Data Extension that contains 'sp unsubscribe' the following syntax error will be produced: Query Validation error : "An error occurred while checking the query syntax. Errors: 'sp_unsubscribe' is a reserved word and may not appear in your query."

In Review ·Reported By 5 ·Updated 2019-09-24

"Create Access is denied!" Error when creating Automation through SSJS/AMPscript

Marketing Cloud Automations , Marketing Cloud API , Marketing Cloud Pages/Sites

When attempting to utilize SSJS/AMPscript to create an automation, the error "Create Access is denied!" is returned.

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