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Error Generated when Adding record in a Shared DE from a Business unit via the "Add Record" Button

Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts

When inside of Contact Builder of a BU, and trying to add a single record to a shared Data Extension via the Add Record button, an error is produced. Expected results would be that the record is added successfully, but actual results are simply an error stating: "Review your data and ensure...

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Unable to Edit source DE if import definition is created by Source as "From Existing Data Extension"

Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts

When trying to modify an existing Import Definition in Contact Builder, where the Source of the data is a Data Extension, you will not be have the ability to modify the Source of the Import, only the Destination.

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Unable to modify Data Retention policies on existing data extensions in Contact Builder

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts

The 'Data Retention Policy' section of the Manage Policies modal was temporarily removed from existing Data Extensions in the Contact Builder application with the 215 Release as a preventative measure related to several potential concerns.

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Filtered Data Extensions created from Synchronized data extensions fail when using 2 or more fields in filter

Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts

Filtered Data Extensions created from Synchronized data extensions fail when using 2 or more fields in the filter.

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Attribute to Attribute comparison is incorrectly evaluating all contacts down the wrong path

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder , Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts

Attribute to Attribute Comparison fails to evaluate properly when comparing fields from a data extension with more than one link from the root object in Contact Builder. An example of this would look like: Contactkey > DataExtension1 > DataExtension2 and using DataExtension2 for Attribute to Attribute...

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Data Extension browser download will not work when using Internet Explorer 11

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts

Performing data extension browser download using Internet Explorer 11 will not work.

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Contacts Delete Settings will not retain 0 days

Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts

When selecting 0 days in Contacts Delete Settings, you will notice it is reverted back to 30 days. This is a UI bug only. The suppression state will be set to 0 on the database. Contacts delete will initiate the delete process as soon as it is submitted.

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Journey Builder filters based on Lead_Salesforce IsConverted field not working as expected

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder , Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts

Creating a filter, such as a decision split, looking at the Lead_Salesforce IsConverted field will not work as intended when Leads are injected and converted prior to reaching the decision split. Even if they are converted, they will go down the False path.

No Fix ·Reported By 11 ·Updated 19 days ago

Able to bypass Contact Builder validation errors by clicking save a second time

Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts

You can create relationships that already exist by clicking "save" twice. The problematic side effect of this is that the same object gets linked to itself multiple times and cannot be unlinked.

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Unable to see text entered when manually entering records into data extension

Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts

When manually entering records into a data extension with more than 30 fields, it is possible that the text boxes will not be large enough to display the value being entered.

In Review ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2018-10-17

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