Data updates are not reflected in UI after a Visualforce+Apex update in Lightning Experience

Apex , VisualForce , Lightning

When data is updated from an Apex controller and redirected to the detail page in Lightning Experience, the updated data is not seen in the UI, even though the data is updated in the database. This is an intermittent behavior and could happen when we are performing the updates continuously and redirecting...

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User gets an 'insufficient access rights on object id' error when transferring a record in Lightning Experience

Sales and Marketing , Lightning

Users with 'Transfer Record' permission and Edit access on an object (e.g. Opportunity) may get an 'insufficient access rights on object id' error when transferring a record of that type to another user in Lightning. The issue would only affect users who do not have Read/Write access to the record...

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<force:inputField> is not rendering fields on UI when being used inside <aura:iteration> tag or inside nested components in Lightning application


<force:inputField> is not rendering fields on UI as expected when being used inside <aura:iteration> or inside inner component in Lightning application

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Lightning Component force:showToast event displays toast message behind action window in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1

Mobile , Lightning

When the force:showToast event is fired from a Lightning Component used as an action then the toast message is being displayed behind the action window context. In Lightning Experience the toast is visible behind the transparent background layer that appears with the action window. In Salesforce1...

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"Invalid component [force:relatedListSingleContainer]" error when deploying a Change Set containing a Case Lightning Page with an Email Related List

Change Sets , Lightning

When deploying a Change Set that contains a Case Lightning Page, if the page contains an Email Related List, deployment will fail with an "Invalid component [force:relatedListSingleContainer]: missing required property [relatedListApiName]" error.

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Error updating Lightning Experience dashboard components

Analytics , Lightning

Users are receiving an error when updating Lightning Experience dashboard components. The error will be similar to the following: “Sorry to interrupt. This page has an error. You might just need to refresh it. [Cannot read property 'name' of undefined Callback failed: serviceComponent://$loadReport]...

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forceChatter:publisher renders empty when used in a custom lightning component

Developer Console , Winter 17 , Lightning

When building a custom lightning component or app in the developer console, forceChatter:publisher is rendering as an empty container.

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Lightning: Linked Filters applied to report from Dashboard return incorrect data when viewing filtered report

Analytics , Lightning

Filters applied while drilling down to Report do not apply correct Linked Filters and hence does not fetch actual results.

In Review ·Reported By 46 ·Updated Yesterday

Filtered Lookups May Not Function in Lightning Due to Search Crowding

Search , Lightning

Customers may find that certain Admin-created 'Related Lookup Filters' that work without issue in Salesforce Classic, fail to return search results in Lightning Experience. This issue typically affects organizations impacted by 'Search Crowding' wherein users search using a term that matches a large...

In Review ·Reported By 38 ·Updated Yesterday

New Event page in lightning sometimes fails to load with error -1396093536

Activities , Lightning

The new Event page for some organizations may fail to load the first time attempted with the following error in Lightning: "This page has an error. You might just need to refresh it. First, would you give us some details? (We're reporting this as error ID: -1396093536)" Note: The error ID value...

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