Process builder is not triggered when Time dependent workflows are used

Apex , API , Workflow , Flow , Winter 16 , Process Builder

Process builder is not triggered when Time dependent workflows are used

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Concurrent apex limit exceeded in organizations with large amounts of process builder flows

Apex , Flow , Process Builder

Some organizations are seeing sporadic recurrence of concurrent apex issues in their organizations even without - long running callouts, - long running apex, - long running queries. These organizations have large amounts of process builder flows. This behavior is being caused by long reload...

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Use of the VALUE() function in Flow formula is not returning expected result when sObject variable is of type picklist

Flow , Spring 15

VALUE() function is not returning the expected result when an SObject variable which is a picklist field is used in a formula.

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Screen Flows Launched by Quick Actions Display Duplicate Labels in Communities

Communities , Flow

Organizations that attempt to launch a Screen Flow in Communities via a Quick Action will find that the Label / Header associated with the action will display twice.

In Review ·Reported By 29 ·Updated 3 days ago

Login Flow Screen is not formatted correctly on Mobile Browsers

Mobile , Flow

Some of our customers have reported issues with the formatting of the login screen when using the Login Flow functionality. This issue is occurring on Mobile browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc..) on both Android and iOS. Many times, words will be off center or will look cluttered on the smaller s...

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Flow execution does not stop with spinner icon still in play

Flow , Summer 18 , Lightning

Customer created a quick action button of Action Type: "Flow". The flow has Finish button enabled. When customer clicks on Finish button, the view is not getting refreshed and spinner overlay is not removed. Due to which customer has to do hard refresh to resume his work.

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Custom Metadata Type not being sorted as expected

Apex , API , Custom Objects , Flow

Sorting order not being used in SOQL with Custom Metadata Type when sort field is not in column queried. This result in the order not being returned properly with Flows, API, Apex, and any functionality which would use a SOQL query for Custom Metadata Type. Consider a Custom metadata type called MD_NUMBER__mdt...

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Summer ’18 – Accessing/Editing/Viewing Change sets that contain 'Flows' seem to be rather slow

Metadata , Change Sets , Flow , Summer 18

Some customers have observed that after post upgrade to Summer '18, it takes longer when an admin attempts to access/edit/view an outbound change set. This behavior was observed with change sets that contain Flow's whose components have several elements.

In Review ·Reported By 4 ·Updated 9 days ago

Test classes fail when deploying flows and their flow definitions enabling runAllTests during the deployment.

Apex , Flow

Test classes fail with the below error when we run all tests during the deployment of flows and processes "CANNOT_EXECUTE_FLOW_TRIGGER, We can't save this record because the “Opportunity Process” process failed. Give your Salesforce admin these details. <b>An unhandled fault has occurred in this flow</b><br>An...

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Internal Server Error Editing Page Layout Which Has A Flow Quick Action That References A Deleted Flow

Sandbox , Flow , Summer 18

Sandbox may throw an ISE when trying to access certain page layouts. This can occur when a visualflow that was being referenced in a quick action has been deleted after a refresh of the sandbox. Any page layouts that had this quick action will then throw the error. Error ID: 1170162650-24242795 ...

Scheduled - Winter '19 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 16 days ago

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