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Einstein Analytics - Deploying a recipe that overwrites an existing recipe that has been scheduled does not get unscheduled

Einstein Analytics - Data Integration

Deploying a recipe that overwrites an existing recipe that has been scheduled does not unschedule the "old" recipe version, resulting in a "ghost" job that continues to run.

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Analytics - Dataflows - Scheduled Dataflows set to Event-based may not run after the Salesforce Local connection syncs

Einstein Analytics - Data Integration

When "Enable Data Sync and Connections" is enabled a SFDC_Local Connector is created for replicating your local Salesforce Data. After the Spring '20 release, admins have the option to create additional SFDC_Local connections to strategically manage when your Salesforce data syncs to Einstein Analytics...

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Einstein Analytics - Users without proper permissions can see external connectors when adding connections

Einstein Analytics - Data Integration

Users are required to have the "Add Analytics Remote Connections" system permission to create new remote connections. A known issue is allowing those without the permission to select an external connector when adding a new connection, but they receive the below error when saving credentials: Not Permitted Permission...

Scheduled - Summer '20 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 4 days ago

Einstein Analytics: Recipes failing DataflowInstance ************ cancelled. Something went wrong while running the recipe, contact Salesforce

Einstein Analytics - Apps , Einstein Analytics - Data Integration

Dataflow recipe "RecipeName" failing with message "DataflowInstance ********** cancelled. Something went wrong while running the recipe, contact Salesforce Customer Support. Error ID: 0eP************ Replication failure when the data field format in a object has special characters like apostrophes

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Einstein Analytics Integration imports reduced number of records

Marketing Cloud API , Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts , Einstein Analytics - Data Integration

When using the Einstein Analytics Integration with the Marketing Cloud, and choosing to extract System Data, the Data Sync will bring across less records that what is in the Marketing Cloud Object. System Data & System Contact Linked Data Extension objects from the Marketing Cloud are impacted per...

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Einstein Analytics Dataflow compute expression node failure error message is not user friendly when there are no valid input rows from previous steps.

Analytics , Einstein Analytics - Data Integration

Einstein Analytics Dataflow error messages are not user friendly when the input value (source) for computeExpression node contains no rows (null) or a value that is not formatted as expected. Dataflow errors like this are especially prevalent when the computed field is a Numeric type and a default...

In Review ·Reported By 16 ·Updated 7 days ago

Analytics - Dataflows with the "Incremental" parameter present in their JSON definition generate an error on update

Einstein Analytics - Data Integration , Spring 20

A known issue is causing dataflow updates to fail if the "incremental" parameter is present in their JSON. This presents with the following error upon updating the Dataflow: Can't upload the dataflow JSON because it contains an incremental setting that conflicts with the connection mode for that...

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Dataflow editor - Defining default values for measures in sfdcDigest nodes leads to "Parameter fields is not of the correct type" error

Einstein Analytics - Data Integration

Adding a default value to a measure in an sfdcDigest node via the dataflow editor will result in a line like the following within the dataflow's JSON: "defaultValue": 0 However, the number should be enclosed in quotation marks and passed as a string, like so: "defaultValue": "0" If the defaultValue...

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Analytics - Dataflow and Data Sync become unscheduled if the user who scheduled it loses Analytics Dataflow Admin access or is deactivated

Einstein Analytics - Data Integration , Operational Analytics - Reports

When a user is deactivated or loses access to an asset, that user's scheduled jobs are unscheduled the next time they are set to run. This is expected behaviour for job management. This has the unexpected side effect of unscheduling an Analytics Dataflow if the user who scheduled it is deactivated...

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Einstein Analytics - Error in AWS RDS MySQL connector when adding an unsigned INT or BIGINT field

Einstein Analytics - Data Integration

When attempting to add an unsigned INT or BIGINT field on an AWS RDS MySQL connector, users will see the below error: "The plug-in failed to read because of the following error: [null]"

Release In Progress - Spring '20 Patch 12.0 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 10 days ago

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