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Enabling Einstein breaks Page Designer pages when using <isobject>

Commerce Cloud Einstein/Predictive , Commerce Cloud Platform

PageDesigner pages that contain a recommender (e.g. for a product <isobject object="${pdict.product}" view="recommendation">, ) will render broken HTML whenever Einstein is enabled. This occurs because the script for the recommender viewReco-cquotient.js is inserted before the opening html tag thus...

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{Business-Manager} Values for custom attributes of datetime type cannot be reset on the Campaigns Edit page

Commerce Cloud Platform

Values for custom attribute of datetime type can't be reset from Campaigns Edit page

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The shipping method order sequence is broken in shipping method export functionality output file.

Commerce Cloud Platform

In BM, Shipping methods can be exported in 2 places: In Administration > Site Development > Site Import & Export (Sites -> Site Genesis -> Shipping Export) Here the shipping method order sequence is correctly honored in the exported file. In Merchant Tools > Ordering > Import & Export > Shipping...

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Lowest price is incorrect when two price book promotions are active/enabled simultaneously for the same product (using promotion library)

Commerce Cloud Platform

With promotion library enabled, when two price book promotions are running at the same time for the same product then that product will not be assigned with the lowest price.

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Localized Display Value not used for some custom attributes in Page Meta Tag Rules

Commerce Cloud Platform

The localized display value is not displayed in Page Meta Tag Rules for products as expected, currently, the non-localized, non-display value is displayed for some custom object attributes value type as Set of String/Number/Integer and Enum of Strings

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Scheduled Search Index Rebuild Can be Skipped due to unavailable Thread

Commerce Cloud Platform

The product update step of the Search Index Rebuild Schedule job is skipped and does not display an error under Administration > Operations > Jobs History (Deprecated) when an incremental Product Index update is running at the same time. The Index Rebuild task requires two locks: - search/sites-[site]-site/product/update -...

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Storefront product search can not find product from promotion using feedbased Pricebook

Commerce Cloud Platform

When Promotion Qualifying Products uses feedbased pricebook, Storefront product search returns no product.

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API Explorer Not Working on Some Browsers

Commerce Cloud API/OCAPI , Commerce Cloud Platform

The API Explorer is not working on Chrome Browsers running Version 76 and Firefox Browsers with the "Modify Header Value (HTTP Headers)" extension enabled. When trying to authorize or explore, users will receive an error

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Content Slots not working as expected in Toolkit Preview.

Commerce Cloud Platform

The content scheduled as a part of the content slot configuration which is associated with campaigns does not show accurate toolkit preview results due to caching issues.

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Page Designer - Boolean attribute not picking the value configured as default

Commerce Cloud Platform

A BOOLEAN attribute in a Page Designer meta definition file ALWAYS defaults to FALSE, even if the “default_value” is set to true.

In Review ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 11 days ago

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