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Site Import does not delete all redirect URLs using delete mode

Commerce Cloud Platform

Site Import of redirect URLs with delete mode does not delete the redirect mappings. Currently delete mode works only for URI as source type.

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Active Data for Variation Groups not showing as expected

Commerce Cloud Platform

Active Data is not showing conversation on variation / variation group level when variation master is not assigned to a Site - Category.

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New!Site Export fails sometimes on production with "Not able to obtain a resource lock at this time"

Commerce Cloud Platform

On a production instance a Site Export job sometimes ends in status "Error" and in the log file the below message is tracked: [2019-03-12 08:19:12.140 GMT] ERROR Not able to obtain a resource lock at this time: error=Not able to lock the resource(s): siteexport/sites. [2019-03-12 08:19:12.145 GMT]...

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Product export fails with “No transaction in progress” exception

Commerce Cloud Platform

SUMMARY: When a product with JSON variation corruption is exported, causing the export to fail with the following exception. com.demandware.beehive.orm.capi.transaction.ORMTransactionException: No transaction in progress for object modification. at com.demandware.beehive.orm.internal.transaction.ORMContextImpl.dirty( This...

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DR Backup job throwing FileNotFoundException

Commerce Cloud Platform

"DR Backup" system job is throwing error Exceptions: Finished with EXCEPTION. Exception: Null legacy S3 SPI "Finished with EXCEPTION. Exception: /remote/f_aaaa/aaaa/aaaa_stg/sharedata/sites/Sites-Site/units/Sites/impex/src/instance/

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The Storefront Toolkit rounds Custom Attributes used in Sorting Rules

Commerce Cloud Platform

In Business Manager, Product page, custom attributes displays a different value than on Storefront Toolkit. After investigation, we found out that Storefront Toolkit rounds Custom Attributes used in Sorting Rules.

Fixed in version 19.3 Preview Update / GA ·Reported By 6 ·Updated 2 days ago

Einstein Search Dictionaries maxlength error in hypernym field

Commerce Cloud Einstein/Predictive , Commerce Cloud Platform

When trying to add the hypernym (or Hyponym) using the lightning search dictionaries module there's a maxlength error (seems to be restricted to 40 characters).

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Unable to configure page Meta tag rule to include viewType of the ProductImageURL object that has non alphanumeric characters

Commerce Cloud Platform

As part of a page meta tag rule configuration, the object ${ProductImageURL.viewType} throws the error "This field must contain a valid rule." when the viewType contains nonalphanumeric characters. For example, you have configured the viewType to be "hi-res" to group all the high-resolution images.(Configuration...

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Not possible to create URL redirects including source code as parameter

Commerce Cloud Platform

Not possible to create URL redirects including source code as parameter. In the Business Manager an error message will be displayed and the below NullPointerException will be tracked in the application error log file: Error executing pipeline: ViewUrlRedirect_52 Sub-Pipeline: ViewUrlRedirect_52...

Fixed in version 19.3 Preview Update / GA ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2 days ago

Scheduled jobs fail for invalid parameter of Import Modes.

Commerce Cloud Platform

Jobs fail for the following error: Invalid parameter [ImportMode] value merge is not allowed expected one of [Delete, Merge, Replace, Update] With the 19.3 release, the ImportCustomObjects job step was released where the spelling of the "ImportMode" values were changed to the following format:...

In Review ·Reported By 4 ·Updated 3 days ago

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