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ScriptingException Logged Using ExportInventoryLists Pipelet

Commerce Cloud API/OCAPI , Commerce Cloud Platform

When executing the “ExportInventoryLists” Pipelet, an Error Log is thrown stating: “…TypeError: Cannot read property ‘demand ware’ from null…”

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PNG image with transparent background are shown as negative in some Business Manager modules

Commerce Cloud Platform

An issue is reported with images in *.png format and with transparency causes to reverse image colors. The issue is present in Business Manager Image Editor and Product Images via grid view feature. However, they are displayed correctly in the Sorting Rules editor and other BM modules.

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Storefront Toolkit Session checks do not work if Storefront and BM Sessions are on different blades

Commerce Cloud Platform

If the Storefront has a different domain than the Business Manager, it is likely that Opening the New Toolkit will result in the Business Manager session being handled by a different blade than the Storefront Session. When the Storefront then tries to find the BM Session to verify that it exists and...

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Page Metatag Rules : ${OriginalRequestURL} contains port number 80

Commerce Cloud Platform

When adding a rule into the page meta tag rules to display the ${OriginalRequestURL} we get an output with port: 80 in the URL displayed. for example, instead of

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Work Auto Correction and Did You Mean Suggestion to intrusive, resulting in wrong/misleading suggestions/Did You Mean and search results

Commerce Cloud Platform

When a search is executed for hyphenated words, the suggestion processor offers up wrong suggestions.

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NULL prices in storefront after Price Book import into Production

Commerce Cloud Platform

This issue occurs when using the Optimized Price Books feature. After running a successful custom job to import price books directly into production, prices for products are showing up as NULL in the storefront.

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Storefront search returns fewer results if Einstein Search Recommendations is enabled

Commerce Cloud Platform

We have noticed that when search autocorrections is turned on, the search query is always autocorrected if there is a suggested search. Instead, the search should only be autocorrected if the original search term provided no search results. This is problematic because Einstein will often suggest...

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Error JAXBCouponRedemptionsExportHandler being logged in error logs

Commerce Cloud Platform

The DR backup job fails with error JAXBCouponRedemptionsExportHandler

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Price details doesn't show for product_search OCAPI DATA API call for customer

Commerce Cloud API/OCAPI , Commerce Cloud Platform

OCAPI DATA API method /product_search does not return Pricing details of the Products.

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Traffic reports are showing incorrect data when data range filter is changed

Commerce Cloud Platform

When we change the date ranges, the traffic report does not show up the data properly for some realms. eg. Traffic reports are showing zero visits in Reports&Dashboards for last 7 days.

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