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Error in Account Manager "An error has occurred: Unknown error"

Commerce Cloud Admin

Admins in Account Manager will see the below error message when trying to edit user accounts, this because the admin's and the user's organizations do not match: "An error has occurred: Unknown error: Please contact your help desk for assistance." Account Manager Admins are not able to edit...

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Job Recurring Trigger end date not working as expected

Commerce Cloud Admin

The end date is currently interpreted with a granularity of days. So if you define an end date of 11/12/2018 01:00pm; the job will be executed until the end of the days, means 11/12/2018 11:59pm. A new bug is open for this issue since the hours and minutes are ignored and job will be executed until the...

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Some Account Admins cannot add new users in Account Manager

Commerce Cloud Admin

Some Account Admins cannot add new users in Account Manager due to no organization is displayed to be assigned and therefore the user can't be created

In Review ·Reported By 13 ·Updated 2018-11-07

Product Extended Attribute (System object type) values contain the '>' character causing issues

Commerce Cloud Platform , Commerce Cloud Admin

Product Extended Attributes that contain a '>' in the Value field cause issues elsewhere. If you try to search for Value in Products- advanced search, an error will be thrown.

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Unable to upload files via WebDAV to the Business Manager using IE 11

Commerce Cloud Admin

When trying to upload files for import into Business Manager using Internet Explorer, the full file path is shown for the file instead of just the filename. This causes an exception because the system expects just the file name as opposed to the full path (including directory structure).

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Unable to add 2 factor authentication role for existing organizations

Commerce Cloud Admin

Customers are unable to add 2 factor authentication to a given role.

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