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Updating custom attribute of type image does not work for CustomObject Data API

Commerce Cloud API/OCAPI

Customer is not able to update the custom object which has image data type using PUT request for the DATA API resource Sites (/sites/{site_id}/custom_objects/{object_type}/{key})

In Review ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2 days ago

Data API slots resource does not return callout message

API , Commerce Cloud API/OCAPI

Data API Slots resource GET /s/-/dw/data/sites/{site-id}/slots doesn't return the property callout_msg. As per the documentation, the expectation is that the callout_msg attribute will be returned as a part of the response. The callout_msg is not being returned due to a bug.

Fixed in version 19.1 GA Update ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 10 days ago

OCAPI Basket Expiration needs to take basket retention setting into consideration

Commerce Cloud API/OCAPI

The basket lifetime preference in Business Manager is not honored by OCAPI calls. However, the Pipelet/Storefront baskets do honor the lifetime setting.

In Review ·Reported By 4 ·Updated 23 days ago

Module.superModule is not working if script initially started from a system pipeline via a hook

Commerce Cloud API/OCAPI

When developing hook implementation for ApplePay. The main call will be initiated via System Pipeline: __SYSTEM__ApplePay-GetRequest. With the usage of hooks the behaviour and handling within the request can be customized. Within extension of custom module the call module.superModule is resulting...

Fixed in version 19.3 Preview ·Reported By 3 ·Updated 23 days ago

[OCAPI] DATA API /system_object_definitions/Content/attribute_groups/new-attribute-id does not return any info related to attribute group

Commerce Cloud API/OCAPI

When a new custom attribute is created (new-attribute-id) and assigned to an attribute group, GET request "/system_object_definitions/Content/attribute_groups/new-attribute-id, does not return expected results: As it is: Error message show: No attribute group ID was found As should be: custom...

Fixed in version 19.3 Preview ·Reported By 3 ·Updated 23 days ago

Orderable attribute on SKU level in DATA API working incorrectly

Commerce Cloud API/OCAPI

Data API : /products/{master_product_id}/variations is not returning correct values for attribute : orderable The orderable attribute is always false for all products.

Fixed in version 19.3 Preview ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 23 days ago

Price details doesn't show for product_search OCAPI DATA API call for customer

Commerce Cloud API/OCAPI , Commerce Cloud Platform

OCAPI DATA API method /product_search does not return Pricing details of the Products.

In Review ·Reported By 5 ·Updated 2019-01-24

HTML Markup documents not being updated via a few Data APIs for custom attributes

Commerce Cloud API/OCAPI

HTML Markup documents are not being updated via certain Data APIs. The bug is only affecting a few Data APIs, like customers, inventoryLists and SlotConfigurations. All of these do not reflect Data API basic behaviour.

Fixed in version 19.2 Preview ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2019-01-17

Method "formatCalendar" returning number instead of the day name

Commerce Cloud API/OCAPI

The formatCalendar method is not working correctly on the instances running with B2C release 19.1 Previously, 'formatCalendar' (with 'EEEE' parameter) was returning a day of a week as text (Monday for example). With release 19.1 'formatCalendar' returns a number instead (i.e.: 2).

In Review ·Reported By 4 ·Updated 2018-12-18

OCAPI product_search request returns .next on last page of hits

Commerce Cloud API/OCAPI

When calling the last page for product_search in OCAPI a next element is shown even there are no next products available.

Fixed in version 18.8 Preview ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2018-12-14

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