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Entering multi-byte characters into Chatter Post deletes the selected image file


In Lightning, entering multi-byte characters into Chatter Post after selecting image file delete the selected image file using Firefox and Chrome. This issue also occurs when posting Dashboard Component Snapshots into Chatter Post.

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Spring '19: Aura Integration Service Error when navigating to Chatter Answers Q&A tab in Classic

Chatter , User Interface , Spring 19

Users may find that after the Spring '19 release, attempting to navigate to the Q&A Tab from within Salesforce Classic is resulting in the following error: Aura Integration Service Error "An internal server error has occurred Error ID: 235414049-79447 (-2045001279)" The exact Error ID encountered...

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Question fields appear garbled and unreadable in the Related Questions component in Lightning Communities

Chatter , Communities

When an organization has Chatter Encryption enabled, the content of a question appears garbled and unreadable in the Related Questions component in Lightning Communities.

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Posts from followed users don’t appear in What I Follow feed but appear in All Company feed


Some customers may observe that posts from followed users don’t appear in their What I Follow feed, regardless of the Sort By filters used, but do appear in their All Company feed. The behavior seems to occur very infrequently and may impact a very small percentage of users.

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Searching Topic on a record shows posts outside of that record if "Show More" is clicked in Classic.

Chatter , Search

In Classic if a user is viewing a record and searches the Chatter feed using a Topic initially only posts related to that record will be shown. If the topic is popular though and they have to hit "Show More" then the results will change and it will show results from records other than the viewed one...

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Delegated Admins cannot create Chatter Free users without "manage users" checked on their profile


Delegated Admins are not able to create Chatter Free users without having the "manage users" permission checked. Delegated Admins CAN create other users without this permission, but in order to do so, they need to select a Role and Profile for the user that they've been given access to in Setup. Since...

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In LEX some customers cannot create new chatter group from + sign next to the recent group section


In LEX some customers cannot create new chatter group from + sign next to the recent group section

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"Viewed By" count lower than "Seen By" count for a Chatter post.

Chatter , Spring 19

Some Chatter posts have been found to have a lower "Viewed by" count than "Seen By" count. Views can count multiple times for a single user while Seen By should only happen once so the counts should be at least the same or with the View count being higher. It appears that in some cases Views are...

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Creating a record from quick action does NOT automatically Update the chatter feed when a process is active on the target object

Chatter , Process Builder

Consider an active process (via Process Builder) on Opportunity object that does a record update of the opportunity object upon create/update. Now create an opportunity on an account from the account's quick action. A feed item is created, but the chatter feed is NOT auto updated if the account...

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Community standard 'Unanswered Questions' lightning component is not displaying all expected questions

Chatter , Communities

In order for a Chatter question to be returned in the Unanswered Questions lightning component within a Community, it must have at least 1 view and no comments or answers. Users may report that although a question does have views in the community and is still not answered that it's not showing when...

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