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Clicking "Continue Working" button on the session timeout popup window redirects to login when SSO is enabled

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While user is logged into Salesforce through the organizations Single Sign On the session will end based off of the session settings in the UI. After clicking the "Continue Working" button when timeout warning is displayed the user is being redirected to login page. Note:This is an intermittent...

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Encrypting Fields Used in Report Filters Removes Filters from Reports

Activities , Performance , Authentication , Platform Encryption , Winter 17

Encrypting Fields Used in Report Filters Removes Filters from Reports Encrypted fields cannot be used as a report filter when implementing Platform Encryption on established reports with report filters. Support has confirmed that once Platform Encryption is enabled, the encrypted report filter...

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New!SAML config creation via Metadata URL sends POST request instead of GET

Authentication , Winter 19

Creating SAML configurations via the "New from Metadata URL" button sends POST requests instead of get requests. In some instances, if the endpoint hosting the metadata does not respond to POST requests, creating the SAML config will fail with the error: "The XML file doesn't include your SAML 2.0 settings....

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Single Logout Request doesn't apply Signature Method from Single Sing on Configuration


Single Sign-on Config specified "Request Signature Method" to RSA-SHA256. But SAMl LogoutRequest doesn't apply it. It uses SHA1 as signature method instead. <ds:SignatureMethodAlgorithm=""/>

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Upon Session expiration due to inactivity timeout Redirection to IDP logout URL happens only for one Tab and rest Tabs redirects to

Authentication , Winter 16

- SAML and logoutURL is configured in Single Sign on settings. When we login using the SAML config and opens multiple tabs, only one of the tab gets to the logout url, the other tabs go to " " when logout because of the inactivity timeout. This can also happen for single tab scenario...

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System.UnexpectedException: Script-thrown exception encountered on callout when Callouts log level is FINER or higher

Apex , Authentication

When Callouts log level is FINER or higher and the size of the response body is zero, the callout request as depicted in the steps to replicate below throws: System.UnexpectedException: Script-thrown exception

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Unable to delete SAML Config


Delete/Disable SAML config result in error: "Your organization or community is currently using this Single Sign-On Setting as an authentication method, so you can’t delete it."

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Forgot Password Link Randomly Redirecting to Login Screen After Answering Security Question Correctly

Authentication , Winter 19 , Summer 18

Intermittently some users with profile based password policies have experienced being redirected to the Salesforce login screen after responding to a reset password email and providing the correct security question answer. They should be directed to reset their password however they are redirect to the...

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Forgot password link loops back to login screen after answer security question correctly


When a User attempts to reset their password ,using the "forgot password" feature, they are routed back to the Login page with the error "please enter your password". Even when their answer is correct. This seems to effect Organizations when they have "a minimum 1 day password lifetime" checked under...

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In case of old SAML request using SP-initiated the error message is incorrect


Customer have configured SAML and are using SP-initiated SSO. Error occurs when SAML response is sent to Salesforce 8 minutes after Salesforce generates the SAML request. It is a WAD as, but the error message is incorrect...

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