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Unable to install package due to error - A newer version of this package is currently installed due to connected app

AppExchange , Packaging

There are instances where a connected app is installed in the org and conflicting with a package being installed. When installing the package it will fail with the error "A newer version of this package is currently installed." Otherwise, an error ID will appear in which the background error is showing...

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Package containing sharing set component fails installation withfield integrity exception

AppExchange , Sharing

If a package has sharing set components, it can fail installation with field integrity exception and error such as XXXXXXXXXX-XXXX (444968346)

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Managed Package upgrade fails due to subscriber deleting a report

Analytics , AppExchange , Packaging

Package subscribers are able to delete reports that are referenced in Lightning Pages which causes package upgrades to fail.

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A lookup field used in a formula field in a managed package can refer to a wrong field

AppExchange , Packaging

If a package contains both a custom lookup field and a custom formula field on a object, and the lookup field is used in the formula field, and if the object in a subscriber org has a lookup field having the same field name as the lookup field in the package, the package installation on the subscriber...

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Logging into the AppExchange from your org has an infinite loading icon


When logging into the AppExchange from within your Salesforce org, some users are experiencing an infinite loading icon, and not successfully being logged in. After confirming to "Allow Access", users are seeing a Login Successful message but the window never closes and successfully logins the user into...

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AppExchange - All search results not loading for some keywords


Go to and search using a keyword for a known listing. Some duplicate results may be returned, but not all listings with that keyword will appear in search, even after clicking on "Load More."

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"This app does not list support for your edition of Salesforce" displayed when installing package from AppExchange

AppExchange , Partner

Some customers may notice the following info displayed when installing managed package from AppExchange: This app does not list support for your edition of Salesforce. You may continue installation but it may fail later in the process.

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AppExchange Listing with Free Pricing Doesn’t Display Additional Pricing Details

AppExchange , Partner

If you configure a free AppExchange listing and specify additional pricing details, those details don’t appear when the listing is published.

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Metadata deployments (change sets or package) show successful without error message but the expected components are not deployed

Apex , AppExchange , Packaging , Metadata , User Interface , Eclipse IDE , Change Sets

Metadata deployments via change sets or packages may show that the deployment was successful without any error messages. However, upon checking - the expected components are not actually deployed or present in the target org. This may occur if your change set contains Apex and requires the deploy...

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VAT is added as a line item in Stripe Checkout


VAT is added as a line item in Stripe Checkout for EU customers This causes incorrect discounting and tax calculation when using the Decimal Discount option for a Coupon in Stripe Checkout

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