Salesforce Known Issues

After Summer '19 upgrade, getDescribe() call fails when accessed via REST

Apex , Metadata , Summer 19

After Summer19, the getDescrib() call fails to check for the access for the user and its related fields and thus fails to fetch the results causing an error.

Fixed - Summer '19 Patch 5.3 ·Reported By 66 ·Updated 3 days ago

Some Community Member reports are not showing data for specific dates

Analytics , Communities

Some Community Member reports might not be showing data for specific dates. Reports that return trending data for communities can return inconsistent data for a few days. This issue applies to reports created based on the following custom report type object relationships: Network Activity Daily Metrics Network...

Fixed ·Reported By 25 ·Updated 4 days ago

Search marketing keywords stuck at 'Waiting for results'


Pardot Search Keyword Report stats displaying 'Waiting for Results' since mid-March 2019

Fixed ·Reported By 6 ·Updated 4 days ago

CPQ Install Apex Time Limit on execution of migrateConditionNumbers

Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)

CPQ Install scripts run to update values from deprecated fields into new fields. These scripts can time out on the migrateConditionNumbers method if an org has a large number of Price Rules and/or Product Rules with a large number of conditions.

Fixed in version CPQ 220.7 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 4 days ago

[CPQ 220] "No such column 'LocationId' on entity 'Asset'" when amending or renewing contracts

Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)

Users receive an error message when attempting to amend or renew a contract in Salesforce CPQ: "System.QueryException: No such column 'LocationId' on entity 'Asset'. If you are attempting to use a custom field, be sure to append the '__c' after the custom field name. Please reference your WSDL or the...

Fixed in version 220.6 ·Reported By 36 ·Updated 7 days ago

Line width in letterhead not rendering correctly in emails sent

Email Clients , Messaging , Winter 17

Width defined for the top, middle, and/or bottom lines in a letterhead are not displayed correctly in the email received. Email clients will display the lines either too thick or not at all.

Fixed ·Reported By 26 ·Updated 10 days ago

No such column 'LastViewedDate' on entity when using Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)

Certain parts of CPQ are hitting 'No such column 'LastViewedDate' on entity'

Fixed in version CPQ 220.5 ·Reported By 85 ·Updated 11 days ago

Internal Server Error while accessing Translation Workbench XXXXXXXXX-XXXXXX (816300119)

Summer 19

An ISE (816300119) is thrown when generating a language picklist in Translation Workbench if the Language set to Translation Workbench is NOT set to Displayed Languages in the Available Language list of org.

Fixed - Summer '19 Patch 4.1 ·Reported By 47 ·Updated 11 days ago

Salesforce CPQ Increasing $0 Amendment Quote Line Qty by 1 Results in No New Subscription Record Created when Amendment Quote's Order is Contracted

Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)

When a Subscription is generated for a Net Total of $0, subsequent Amendment Quote Orders for quantity increases of 1 unit will not generate new subscriptions upon setting the Amendment Quote’s Order or Order Product to Contracted. However, increasing the quantity by more than 1 will generate the subscription...

Fixed in version CPQ 220.2 ·Reported By 33 ·Updated 11 days ago

[CPQ 220] "Apex CPU Time Limit Exceeded" when accessing Salesforce CPQ managed package settings

Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)

Users encounter the error message "Apex CPU Time Limit Exceeded" is encountered when clicking "Configure" to access Salesforce CPQ managed package settings in the Summer '19 version of the package.

Fixed in version CPQ 220.5 ·Reported By 31 ·Updated 11 days ago

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