Reports exported through "Printable View" option cannot be opened in MS Excel


- Reports exported through the "printable view" option are not opened in MS excel correctly. They show a "file is corrupt" dialog. - Actual Behavior: Opening the exported report shows a "file is corrupt" dialog. - Expected Behavior: File should open up correctly.

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Salesforce for Outlook Side Panel doesn't load until user navigates Outlook tabs.


Users install version 3.1.2 of Salesforce for Outlook and when starting Outlook the side panel doesn't load automatically.

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Process builder process interferes with sending of record owner change email notifications

Process Builder

When you have a Process Builder process activated (with update record action) on an object If a user changes the record owner via the UI on that same object and checks the "Send Notification Email" checkbox, the new owner will not receive the owner change email notification

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_BR_ENCODED_ markers are not replaced for text formula values used by Apex/Flow/Process when those values are populated in other text/text area fields

When users attempt to use a text formula value which contains the BR() function for newline characters, the _BR_ENCODED_ markers are not being replaced with new lines as expected. Currently, if an Apex Trigger or Flow/Process attempts to use the formula value as the value for another text/text area...

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Salesforce for Outlook fails to install or run and prompts for .NET to be installed on Windows 10 with anniversary update


After upgrading to Windows 10 version 1607 (anniversary build), the Salesforce for Outlook plug-in fails to run or install. The .exe and .msi prompts the user that prerequisites are needed, and it tries to install .NET Framework 4.5.2 even though both .NET 3.5 and 4.6.2 are installed as part of Windows...

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Flow/Process Builder: Updating percentage fields using value from another percent field produces incorrect result.

Flow , Process Builder

When setting a Percent field with the value from another percent field using Flow or Process, the value in the target percent field is incorrect.

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Delay in creation and refresh of sandboxes


On August 23, 2016, the Salesforce Technology team discovered that a subset of customers on instances located in the United States and Asia-Pacific regions may be experiencing delays in creating or refreshing a sandbox. The Technology team has determined that the cause of the sandbox issue is resource...

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Unable to install package due to error - This app can't be installed.

AppExchange , Packaging , Winter 16

Certain managed/unmanaged packages will have issues installing in certain instances. One may install on all instances but one. The current issue is with with package metadata has not replicated on certain instances. When installing an error ID may appear or a message of "This app can't be installed....

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Chatter @ mention does not work sometimes


When you @mention any user on chatter, sometimes you might notice that the @mention gets grayed out. Due to the recipient of the mention never gets notified. This issue happens randomly and cannot be consistently reproduced.

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Email notifications and DML operations in the same transaction can cause System.CalloutException if callouts are attempted

Apex , Workflow

If a transaction performs a DML operation and an email notification (e.g. email alert) is involved, the following exception will be thrown on attempting an Apex callout: System.CalloutException: "You have uncommitted work pending. Please commit or rollback before calling out"

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