Clicking on ‘Help & Training' prompts login page in custom domain enabled orgs

Portal , User Interface

Some customers have observed that their users are unable to access Help & Training without having to constantly login with their credentials. When they successfully login to Help & Training , they observe that any subsequent access to their own internal Salesforce Org throws a login screen. The issue...

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DescribeFieldResult.getDefaultValue() returns null for Checkbox field and Picklist field


DescribeFieldResult.getDefaultValue() returns null for both Checkbox and Picklist fields although a default value is configured.

Release In Progress - Spring '16 ·Reported By 126 ·Updated Yesterday

Chatter @ mention does not work sometimes


When you @mention any user on chatter, sometimes you might notice that the @mention gets grayed out. Due to the recipient of the mention never gets notified. This issue happens randomly and cannot be consistently reproduced.

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Unable to reference Current.Owner.Profile.Name or Id in Process Builder filter criteria

Spring 15 , Process Builder

When referencing current.Owner.Profile.Name or current.Owner.Profile.Id in the Criteria in a Process, you will get an error when that Process is triggered. Error: The flow failed to access the value for myVariable_current.Owner.Profile.Name because it hasn't been set or assigned.

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Approval Merge Fields Have Wrong Value for Approval Related Emails


When using Approval Merge Fields, the values may be incorrect when used as approval related emails (final approval/rejection, immediate email alert). Note: the approval merge fields work correctly in the Approval Assignment Email.

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Push Notification for Detail Page Refresh on Service Cloud Console doesn't work for changes made by same user

Service Cloud Console

When a field set up to receive push notifications in Service Cloud Console is changed by a user, their own Detail Pages in Service Cloud Console do not automatically reflect the changes made by the user

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Flow Error: Unable to parse field as dataType could not be retrieved for the passed field


When triggering a flow, you might get this error "Workflow Action Failed to Trigger Flow The record couldn’t be saved because it failed to trigger a flow. A flow trigger failed to execute the flow with version ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Contact your administrator for help. Close this tab to continue."...

In Review ·Reported By 145 ·Updated 4 days ago

Visual Flow Text Templates: Rich Text Formatting Exposes HTML Code

Flow , Winter 15

In the Flow Designer, when formatting a Text Template with Rich Text, HTML markup becomes exposed as part of the template's value. - Actual Result The email you receive is a text email, which exposes HTML code. - Expected Result. You should receive a properly-formatted HTML email.

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Process builder process interferes with sending of record owner change email notifications

Process Builder

When you have a Process Builder process activated (with update record action) on an object If a user changes the record owner via the UI on that same object and checks the "Send Notification Email" checkbox, the new owner will not receive the owner change email notification

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Cannot search for Asset records when logged in as a Customer Community member

Search , Communities

Some customers have observed that they are unable to search for Asset records when logged in as a community user, this behavior exists in an environment where Account, Contract and Asset is set to private. The community user can access the Asset record if you plugin the URL such as this: But...

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