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Be able to query EntitySubscription entries of a single record type

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User Story:
As a chatter developer I would like to be able to write a single query that retrieves entries from EntitySubscription that are only of a certain record type so that I can easily display a subset of the records a user is following without having to write inefficient iteration logic.


I would like to be able to retrieve just subscriptions of contacts or accounts from EntitySubscription but currently there is no way to do that. I tried:

SELECT parentId FROM EntitySubscription WHERE subscriberId = :UserInfo.getUserId() AND parentId LIKE '001%' OR parentId LIKE '003%'

But this fails with "invalid operator on id field" because you cannot use like with Id fields.

Possible Solution:

Since "" is being programmatically generated, maybe it would be possible to add "Parent.IdPrefix" or "Parent.RecordType" to the parent mapping so that I could write something like:

SELECT parentId FROM EntitySubscription WHERE subscriberId = :UserInfo.getUserId() AND parent.IdPrefix='001' OR parent.IdPrefix='003'


SELECT parentId FROM EntitySubscription WHERE subscriberId = :UserInfo.getUserId() AND parent.RecordType='Account' OR parent.RecordType='Contact'


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