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Add more account hierarchy functions for parent/child accounts

Accounts & Contacts

There isn't much real functionality around account hierarchies. It's obvious that wasn't really designed for real global account management where a company has many subsidiaries with many account managers. For one thing you can't report on opportunities owned by an account hierarchy. You can report on opportunities that share a single parent account -- BUT the parent account itself's opportunities can't be included in there. It gets even worse if an account is the child of one account and the parent of another account. The odds of being able to ever get a global picture easily fade even further. When you have multiple account managers managing various subsidiaries in an account hierarchy, you can't give them read-only permissions to the opportunities in the other subsidiaries he doesn't own without really trying to be clever with sharing rules, or by assigning the sharing rules manually. This could really get clunky for an account with dozens of subsidiaries, considering if you are like us, you might have many of these types of global accounts.

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  • IdeaExchange Moderator - 4 years ago

    Will- it won't be addressed in the Fall release to my knowledge. We're working on a batch of fresh updates on Ideas and this one is included in that effort. Once I hear the latest, I'll circle back and let you know.

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    Latest Update from Product Management: This idea is not on our short term roadmap, but is definitely something we're interested in pursuing as part of a future release. We'll circle back in a few releases with another update.

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