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Intelligent Related Lists (Filterable by Admin)

Globalization & Custom Schema

Currently we have the option to list associated objects in a related list. What would improve effectiveness is: -the possibility to have more than one related list per object -the possiblity to filter results displayed in a particular related list e.g. 1. one list of opportunities and another list for won opportunities e.g. 2. a list of contacts that is filtered on record type so that only people with decision making level are reflected e.g. 3. a custom object that references invoices... one list for unpaid invoices and another for fully paid invoices

10/19/2012: Edited title from "Intelligent Related Lists" to "Intelligent Related lists (Filterable by Admin)", to help disambiguate from the idea Related lists filterable by user.

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  • IdeaExchange Moderator - 3 years ago

    Hi Deter- My apologies for the delay in responding. Thank you for your note, and no need to apologize I understand it's frustrating to not have this functionality available today. 

    It's always a tough balance because each user will have a different view on what Ideas we should be focusing on, but from what I have seen the teams have been delivering a good mix of new and old Ideas + high and low point value Ideas each release.  Of course not every Idea can be delivered, and some take longer than others, but we do our best to deliver the most impactful Ideas when we can so that the most customers can benefit from the added functionality. 

    We had probably not flipped the statuses on all Ideas in Winter '16 when you ran your numbers below, but now that we have I've included some analysis on what I am seeing from my end. (Side note- I like looking at each release from this perspective and will look at including this level of analysis in our IdeaExchange stats blog post we do each release.)

    Winter 16 stats as of today (subject to increase): 
    -   37% of the Ideas being delivered in Winter '16 were created between 2006-2008 (24 Ideas total)
    -   40% of the Ideas being delivered in Winter '16 were created between 2009-2012 (26 Ideas total)
    -   21% of the Ideas being delivered in Winter '16 were created between 2013-2015 (15 Ideas total)

    The years with the most Ideas delivered in Winter '16 are 2008 and 2010 with 12 and 13 Ideas delivered respectively. This release sees the delivery of our #1 Idea of all time (and one of our oldest): More than 3 Columns on a Dashboard. 

    So we are actually focusing on older Ideas even if it doesn't seem like it.  With our new Lightning experience expect to see a large number of the big, older Ideas addressed. The product team has used this as an opportunity to rebuild the experience from the ground up, and address asks that perhaps couldn't have been easily addressed in the existing experience for a variety of reasons.  

    I really appreciate your feedback and am always here if you'd like to chat in more detail.  Feel free to send me a direct message if you'd like. 

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