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Allow Copy & Paste from Schema browser

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I know this is an Eclipse modification, but I wasn't sure if this is controlled by the Force IDE plugin: I love the Schema browser - would love it even more if you could copy and paste the results (especially when running Relationship Queries, see image). This would be a huge help when developing because often times I find sets of records that need to be mass modified (updated, deleted, corrected) when I'm testing code for new triggers. If I could cut and paste these I could slap them right into the Mass Update tool (or Demand Tools). thanks!

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Josh Kaplan

The Developer Console adds a Query Editor in the Winter '13 release.  Copy functionality is included in this view; you can copy values from records returned for pasting elsewhere.  You can also directly edit values that are returned and save them in the Query Editor, and you can open a resulting record directly (rather than having to paste the ID into the URL in your browser).

The copying capability is currently on a per-value basis - you have to click the grid square you want - and you are not able to copy a whole column of results with a single click.

We are not currently working on upgrades to IDE functionality.  The team is focused on creating the Developer Console and the tooling API upon which it is built. 

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