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Increase number of tabs and s-controls for EE and PE

License & Provisioning

PE gives 10 custom tabs and 15 s-controls
EE gives 25 custom tabs and 25 s-controls
Custom object tabs and webtabs are counted as Tab

Any app from the appExchange uses already a couple of tabs and often some s-controls. We are now getting closer to our limit and are not able to evaluate some of the apps we are interested in.

I like the power of the s-controls and it is absolutely great what is possible to build within SFDC, but the limit on tabs and s-controls should be increased to be able to maximise the potential of appExchange and flexibility of customisation of SFDC.

We are on EE with 1000+ licences.
Would appreciate a review of this limit.
E.g. Defined per band per Edition AND # licences.

Q: How many tabs / s-controls would you use in your org?

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Latest Comment from Salesforce

  • IdeaExchange Moderator - 3 years ago

    Update from Product Management: This idea actually touches two separate product areas, Tabs and S-Controls. The updates are different for each, so please see below for more detail.

    Additional Tabs for PE/EE orgs:
    PE and EE customers have the ability to purchase an add-on to increase the number of tabs available. If you're interested in increasing the number of tabs, please reach out to your account team to learn more about pricing and availability. 

    Additional S-Controls for PE/EE orgs:
    End of support for S-Controls was announced in 2010. Due to this, there are no plans to increase the limits on S-Controls.
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