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Redeem Trailhead points or specific badges for Salesforce certification vouchers


Recently the idea "Redeem Trailhead Points for Salesforce Swag" ( was promoted in the local Salesforce community here in the Netherlands and I immediately thought "what's up with all this swag stuff....?"

I really don't get the fun behind it. Maybe I'm just too serious, but I think that for instance all that stuff on the back of your laptop screen looks really unprofessional. Also seems very wasteful to me, all that useless plastic. Salesforce profiles itself as a green company, in some areas they definitely are, but this isn't one of them...

What I would suggest instead is the option to redeem Trailhead points or specific (super) badges for Salesforce certification vouchers. Especially in this time of record shortages of Salesforce professionals, here's why:
  • Quality goes up, because this incentive pushes you to get hands on experience (even it's only theoretical / best case scenarios instead of real world customer implementation projects) intead of just studying for an exam (face it, most exams aren't that hard and can quite easily be passed without proper experience by just studying for it, especially since they're multiple choice)
  • More and better Salesforce professionals helps everybody in this market: Salesforce, customers, partners and also the professionals themselves. Projects can be done sooner, faster, more efficiently and with better quality: higher chance of first time right. That means Salesforce and partners can sell / do more projects.
  • Especially in this market employees with more certifications, more Trailhead badges and better results in projects (higher CSAT, more efficient/faster implementations, better first time right numbers) are likely to see better rewards as well. Either by getting one off bonusses or a raise / promotion.
  • Even though exams aren't that expensive being able to redeem Trailhead points / (super) badges for certification (discount) vouchers will open it up to a lot more people, especially in upcoming markets where US $200 + local tax is still quite a lot of money.

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