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Break down a Process in Process Builder

Process Builders & Workflow

Add an option to each process in process builder to be examined thoroughly at once and printable. When looking for an error or specific item in a process, it can take anywhere between 5 and 50 clicks to find the exact filter or formula.  Offering a way to expand an entire process into one workflow chart, with all filters, formulas, etc visible at once, gives one an opportunity to search for errors or repetition.  Additionally, the ability to print out or save a pdf copy of the process allows us to share information. I have plans to leave my organization, but in order to safely do so, I need to map out all the work I've done for our Salesforce, including how, why, and where our processes work. If can map out each process, I can annotate why specific pieces were added or left out, and which functions we have plans to change in the future, etc. I spent a bit of time yesterday clicking through every line of our biggest process and copying down the gist of it on a piece of paper to create my own flow chart so that I can make some major modifications to it and then create a guide for the person who replaces me when I leave. Having a feature like this would improve functionality and effectiveness of this amazing tool.

Adding the option to color code certain pieces (like all email alerts are purple and field updates are green) would further make this a useful tool.
Adding the option to customize color coding would also be great. ex: When saving the process breakdown, I would like to manually choose to color code these three lines of the process because they are super important for the new administrator to know about.

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