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PLEASE vastly improve visitor tracking

Analytics & Reporting

We are largely dependant in the visitor tracking area of the tool to fuel our business intelligence / data scrubbing process. Currently we have to use a third party service and compare the tracked / identified list in Pardot to theirs. Currently for about every 5-6 tracking in Pardot there are 8-10 tracking in the third party solution. Also, this third party solution simply provides the FULL company name and any correlated available online details about that company at a glance while viewing the list and Pardot is more than 75% of the time missing those identifying details that the third party service is able to identify. This is a VERY time consuming process and draining on our resources to provide. Here are a few suggestions related to this issue: 1) Move company name to top line and IP address to the bottom. Often when the company is identified in Pardot the company name is chopped off. IP address is meaningless to us, the company name has the value. 2) Ability to Associate a visit with a company or person NAME rather than email address on search. Right now you can only associate with a direct email address. We need to be able to look up the prospect we want to associate by name or company name and then associate it right there in line of the visitors list view. Right now, we are having to manually associate one by one people that our third party system is identifying that Pardot is not A LOT. 3) Ensure Pardot is picking up ALL traffic/visits. Right now, it is missing quite a bit. 4) Ensure Pardot is tracking real-time. Who is online right now? Currently it does not do this. 5) Ability to create rule set/completion from visitor behavior. ie If visitor visits 3 pages, searches 'these' keywords, comes from 'this source', clicks on 'this asset', etc then put them in 'this list', 'this campaign' or 'this drip', etc. 6) One of my favorite features of my previous email automation provider was the ability to set up SMS alerts for a particular visitor that I wanted to know about immediately when they came back to the website. I could click to be 'alerted' when they came back and I would immediately get a text when they hit the site again, with who they are and what they looked at. This was extremely powerful for prospecting and I would LOVE for that feature to be available from Pardot. 7) LASTLY, provide the ability to send a branded email from our company to our users that filters in web visits from domains relevant to them. In other words, if I am a sales rep that is in Office A needing to monitor traffic from domain A only, my manager could go in and set up a daily report that would come from my company to me that shows all of the identified daily activity from domain A ONLY. As a part of that customized daily report, my manager would like to be able to give me some insight on what I was looking at, so a small customizable area (such as the before form/after form areas in the form builder) would be excellent!

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