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With People spending more and more time on their mobile, whether browsing on social media, surfing on the net or exploring apps, one thing is for sure, they are VERY ACTIVE ON WHATSAPP!

With it being a reference tool for their daily communication, and having Facebook adding the Whatsapp button to their Ads for Business Pages, it would be great to have Whatsapp and Salesforce CRM integrated to trigger well the customer journey of a customer.

On email studio, advertising studio, SMS Studio and other studios on MC, the email and phone number are the main elements to debute and to launch an automated journey.
While Whatsapp as mentioned above, has become a way for businesses to communicate with clients, whether through FB ads, Customer service and more, the integration of Whatsapp with Salesforce CRM, would be highly beneficial to expand the database in the CRM and having it the sole entity of data generation, data consolidation and personalized campaigns management.

As recently done on salesforce, FB comments and private message can directly open a case on CRM through social hub.
Same should be for whatsapp: as soon as a cusmtomer communicates with us on whatsapp, a case should open on CRM and an agent will be able to reply.

We have recently communicated our whatsapp number on TV during an automotive show while talking about our latest offers on each car, to see if people are willing to inquire on whatsapp, and in less than a week we had more than HUNDREDS on inquiries. 
Simply we're asking them to send: M2 or Mazda2 on our whatsapp number for example, and they will receive, the simulation, specs sheet, and special offers detailts instantly, and agent is supporting with further details needed. Once the inquirer seem very serious, the lead is sent via email to the salesman for follow up.

Now imagine if this is done through Salesforce CRM, and then an automated personalized customer journey is LAUNCHED!

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