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Multivariate reporting in B2BMA

Analytics & Reporting

I am a Pardot Plus subscriber, and I love B2BMA. One feature that I think is sorely missing, however, is the ability to report on multivariate tests for landing pages. Below is a specific, real example of how this shortcoming plays out:
  • I created a multivariate test with two landing pages for a product release. The difference between the two is that one includes a CTA to request a demo, the other includes almost an identical CTA, but to download a PDF that will allow them to learn more.
  • If I go to the reporting on multivariate pages in Pardot, I can see a simple set of metrics for views, conversions, conversion rate, and winning version
  • If I click into the individual pages from the multivariate view I see a list of prospects who converted from that page (if they got to that page from the multivariate link, as opposed to following a direct link to the specific page)
  • If I visit the form used in the two distinct landing pages, those conversions do not show up, only on the landing page view itself – and then, those reports are separated into two separate reports, one for the landing page direct link, another for the multivariate link view
The problem here is that if I want to create a B2BMA dashboard or dataset that gives me a true insight into any campaign that I run, that insight will always be incorrect, often significantly, because of B2BMA's failure to include multivariate reporting in the app.

Also, this calls to mind one additional issue, not with B2BMA but with multivariate reporting in general. As I said above, the multivariate reporting page only provides me with those four simple metrics, and I need to enter into each individual page to drill down. It would be great if I could actually export a multivariate report that includes not only the combined numbers, but also lists out all of the prospects, just as it would if I exported the prospect list from within a landing page or form. The report could just include a field for which landing page was visited, which form was submitted, or both. As it stands, I can only export the separate reports from the individual pages, then combine them myself in a spreadsheet, and then create a manual report from there. It's an unnecessary step, in my opinion.

So that's it. If you could please add multivariate reporting to B2BMA, and combined-view reporting to Pardot's general reporting functionality, that would be ideal. Thanks!

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