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Notifications/Listing of Archived Trailheads and their Replacements


Trailhead is an amazing resource that I rely on heavily for everything from end user training to refreshing my memory about something I don't do very often.

Much like the 'New Content Release' emails we receive, I would really like to receive notifications of modules that have been archived and will no longer be available to refer to in the future, and what that content has been replaced with. It's challenging when I am referring to a trailhead module to do something during the day, and the next day the module has completely disappeared. Where do I go to complete the task I was in the middle of completing. If the feature has not been retired or replaced, why would you archive the trailhead module for it? Implementation guides are not nearly as much fun.

I would also love to receive a notification if a module or project or superbadge that I have started and put several hours into was being archived in the upcoming release so that I could finish it before it expires. I fit in trailhead when I can, and don't always complete badges (especially superbadges) in one sititng, and I don't always pick up on the badge I left off on if something else becomes a priority. I have a lot of badges in-progress at the same time, and I love that trailhead allows me to hop around like this. But, if I knew that one of my badges in-progress was getting ready to expire and I only had 30 minutes left to complete it the badge I would prioritize it and get my badge while I still could.

I don't think the above would be hard to implement, and would be greatly appreciated as trailhead grows and content and added, removed, and replaced.


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