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Use Outlook integration (Lightning for Outlook) with Corporate Shared Mailboxes

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We have some users that have multiple inboxes in Outlook. Usually, they will have their individual work email and a team vanity/shared inbox (i.e. With Salesforce for Outlook they could use the side panel across email inboxes, but they can't do the same with Lightning for Outlook. 

From the Lightning for Outlook PM at salesforce:
"I've looked into the Office Add-In documentation (the framework that Lightning for Outlook is written in), and it appears that those special mailboxes are not in their support scope. That explains why your IT team was not able to enable it there. I've talked to my PM counterpart at Microsoft and they have not slatted that work to a specific release at this time."

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  • Damien Joly - 11 months ago

    I thought I'd post an update on this idea since it's gaining popularity.
    Shared mailboxes aren't yet supported by Microsoft's Office add-in framework. That's the framework the Salesforce integration with Outlook is built on.
    Here is a Microsoft article documenting what's not supported, specifially in the section called Mailbox items available to add-ins:

    As you can see, that's not an issue unique to Salesforce.
    Salesforce has successfully influenced Microsoft to prioritize this initiative on their roadmap. Once available in their framework (not the case as of February 2019), and subject to forward looking statements, we're interested in consuming that feature and pass it on to you guys.
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