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an Email Template Editor that doesn't suck

Email & Email Templates

For the love of all that is Good and Holy can we please escape the Circle of Hell otherwise known as the HTML Email Template Editor and get something that doesn't suck?  I don't care if it's HTML, I don't care if it's Rich Text, I only care that it works...
For example with the current HTML Email Template Editor:

You select some text to reformat, then you go up to the Toolbar to change the Font and the editor promptly un-selects all of the text you selected.  

You select a Font and Size, and start to enter some text and then the editor forgets the Font and/or Size that you just selected.  

You click the Tab button... and nothing happens 

You click the Backspace button... and nothing happens

You click the Delete button... and nothing happens

You click the Enter/Carriage Return button... and nothing happens

Then finally, by some miracle, dumb luck, or sheer force of will, you manage to build your Email and everything looks good!  So you click [Save] before the Editor changes it's mind and screws everything up.  Then you check your Inbox and you get something that looks like a friggin' Ransom Note that was cut out of 7 different newspapers.  

It's like it has a mind of it's own, and it's sole purpose in life is to make your life a living hell.  

This Idea was marked as "Delivered" over 3 years ago => 

Idea: Improved HTML email editor

But none of the features in the "Delivered" solution (Lightning Email Editor) are available in Emails sent via Process Builder, Workflows, or Approval Processes.  And as Admins and Developers, we kinda need those, because our Users are expecting us to deliver them. 

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  • In the Spring '20 release, we will be running a closed pilot of a new drag and drop email template builder in Lightning! Many of our candidates have already been selected, but we look forward to hearing customer feedback on this!
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