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Receive a notification when an Engagement Studio email step fails to send email

Engagement Studio

A recent mishap with the partially delivered "email send date" feature ( in the 'Send Email' action node made me realise Engagement Studio could really do with more notifications. Could be worth updating drip programs guidance notes as well now that this send date feature is enabled so that users make sure they check all email steps send date once they finally start their program aftef tweaking it. I know a little yellow warning appears but maybe a pop up window with an "are you sure?" type of message would be much safer as it is currently the case in many other Pardot features.

What if you have many Engagement Studio programs running at the same time and for some reason some of the 'Send Email' steps fail (my case was a past 'send date' associated to the step which can't be such an uncommon left setting/program scheduling error).

Due to the discrepancy between program start date and time and the wrongly left set date in the step, the program recipients went through the node with the step unsuccessful for all intent and purposes (i.e email was not sent). Yet no notification was received, leaving us to follow a complex step by step debug once we got wind of the issue to understand what had happened and at which step. I guess that coming from a SFDC environment were you receive so many notification emails for each and every submission and upload with thorough error reports both in batch processing refreshes and in .csv files, and where you have the possibility of checking system errors this is a big difference. 

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