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Trailblazer Community

Not for nuthin' but it would be great if there was bit more transparency and accountability for Ideas that are in the "Product Team Review" status.  

Currently this is all we get:
User-added image

​You can see the Idea was submitted 3 years ago  
You can see that it has reached 5,000+ points  
You can see that is "Under Product Team Review"  

But that's it...

There's no Date Stamp of when the Status was changed to "Under Product Team Review" (or how long it has been in that status)
There's no record of who updated the Status or which Product Manager is reviewing this Idea
There have been no follow-up Status updates    

On the Idea Exchange home tab there's a link to this  Knowledge Article  
Overview & Status Definitions 

In it, there's this description for the  Under Product Team Review status:  

The Idea has reached the minimum point threshold (2,500 points), triggering a Product Team review for road map consideration and feedback. An Idea may stay in this status for a minimum of 1-3 months to provide the Product Team time to work the idea through the analysis and Product Planning cycle. Once reviewed, an update will be posted sharing the decision.

After an Idea is reviewed by our Product Team, it will fall into one of two main groups based on its delivery potential. When an Idea has potential for delivery, it will have one of the following statuses.  As the Idea progresses through the product development process, the status will be updated accordingly.  

Unfortunately, for the most part this is not what is happening.  There needs to be more transparency, and more accountability.  The Idea Status updates should be posted by an actual Product Manager who takes ownership of the issue, someone who can and will be held accountable if there are no updates in the allotted time (not some anonymous IdeaExchange Moderator).  If the Idea is reviewed and the answer is "No" or "Not gonna happen anytime soon" then that's okay, I think we can all handle that, as Shawna Wolverton (Salesforce) once said "not everyone gets a pony".   But if there's no ownership and accountability, then the IdeaExchange may as well be The Island of Misfit Toys.  

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