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Allow Process Builder to Save Process With No Immediate Action

Process Builders & Workflow

Currently, the process builder requires an "Immediate Action" for any filter criteria that evaluates to True.

However, consider this example:

From the case object, you are related to Accounts.  Account are related in a Many to One relationship to a custom object named Zone that contains different Zones that the account belongs to.  The Zone lookup field on the Account page is not required, so some Accounts may have Zones, some may not.

Your business requirement is to send an email every time the status changes on a ticket that belongs to an account that is the North America Zone.

The process builder will fail if the process is executed against a case whose account doesn't have a Zone on it.  (and won't even allow you to save the case).  To get around this, you need to add a filter step in the process builder to check if the field is null/blank first, and only move down to the next filter criteria if filter 1 is false.  In this example, there is nothing you want to happen when it evaluates to True.  However, process builder won't allow you to save without an immediate action.  You'd be forced to create some sort of junk action, (update a field, chatter post, etc.).  

This could obviously also be solved by allowing you to swap whether or not you want the True/False to cause an immediate action, or move down the process chain.

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