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Ability to update Metadata from Apex (Apex Metadata API)


The platform is becoming more complex and the setup and configuration is growing as a result. The ability to create tools and products that help streamline, standardise or templatize, certain configurations is becoming more compelling. Effiectively creating tools to extend the Setup menu is one use case. Another is to allow ISV's to develop UI's or post install scripts to update subscriber editable items like layouts and picklists. 

Apex Describe provides some read only support, along with the ability to query certain objects, like ApexClass, ApexPage etc. It would be good to have an API simalar to that of the existing Metadata API available natively in Apex. There is an open source wrapper around this Salesforce SOAP API, which has become quite popular with developers wanting to develop solutions such as those above. This library however is subject to HTTP callout and requirements around needing pre-configured Remote Site settings (for Saleforce servers), so is not ideal.

Please consider making a Apex 'true to the core' API for Metadata availabe.

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  • Aaron Slettehaugh - 2 years ago

    Here is an overview of the Apex Metadata API debut:

    As you will see, there is more work to do on this feature, primarily adding support for more metadata types. To help us prioritize the next set of work, please use the Success Community group to tell us which types you want supported and why:
    (It's easer to manage the conversations the community group, so please don't commnent on this idea.)

    This idea will be set to "under development" to reflect the fact that there is still more work to be done. 

    Meanwhile, we hope you get a ton of utility out of what we release in Summer '17!!
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