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Formula Field Cross Report Type - Joined Reports

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Would like to be able to create formula field between summarized totalizations of different Report Types. The new feature Joined Reports allow you to put the total amount of two different reports types together in the report, but don´t allow to make formulas between it. 

Follow the example: I have two different objects to register orders. One of them are order from Brazil and the other are order form USA. Would like to have the total amount of invoices in my Company.

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Thomas Tobin

I have a question about the names.
Currently, this feature uses something called "Cross-block Custom Summary Formula"
However, that good name provides a problem for us - what to call Custom Summary Formulas that aren't like this one and calculating across the blocks

The features as built for summer is a way of generating Custom Summary Formulas in Joined Reports such that you can name which block a field's value should be taken from. That means you can have a block of won deals, and a block of lost deals, and then calculate the win ratio by saying 
[won deals]Amount:sum/([won deals]Amount:sum+[lost deals]amount:sum)
and that has the name "Cross-Block Custom Summary Formula". And we think that's a pretty good and descriptive name. You could put that xCSF in either block, it would give the same answers. 

But that means we have the other kind of CSF - the one that was in Spring'12. That one doesn't let you specify a block, and so will only calculate locally in a single block for fields from a single report type. If you had the other kind, and say "amount:sum*2" then it would show different amounts in the won and lost blocks.
What should we call that one?

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