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Lightning Experience LEX - lightning speed please!

Lightning Experience

In order for LEX to appeal to our users, it needs to react more quickly or at least be perceived to be faster - right now Lightning is a misnomer. 

We see a landing page while the screen loads, which shows the release logo, animated - it's distracting and appears to be much slower than Salesforce Classic, perhaps up to a couple of seconds. An embarrassed silence while I'm trying to show clients how much better LEX can be, but all they see is the equivalent of the "loading page" stopwatch or clock that you used to see in the 90's.

The reality might be that page loads are similar speed, but taking us to another screen while new new page is loading just makes it look slower. 

Go faster, please!

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Latest Comment from Salesforce

  • Scott Yancey - 1 year ago

    Thank you again to each of you who voiced feedback on Lightning Experience performance in this Idea's comments, as well as on the Trailblazer Community and other feedback channels. As communicated previously, optimizing performance and the experience for our customers continues to be a top priority for our Product and Technology teams.

    We are pleased to report that the significant investment made in the Summer '17 and Winter '18 releases have shown 35% - 50% improvements in the loading times of all pages compared to Spring '17.

    Most importantly, many of our customers have testified to these improvements, ranging from our small business customers to some of our largest enterprises with the most complex deployments. We welcome continued feedback on whether you are seeing improved performance in your instance, and we encourage you to share your experience in the comments below.

    We are committed to delivering even more enhancements in the upcoming Spring '18 release and beyond, including improvements to our underlying software and technical architecture stack, and look forward to sharing results in upcoming releases.

    Please note, many factors under your control can influence actual performance. Here are some scenarios that could impact your performance: users on under-powered computers, on networks with sub-optimal latency and conditions, or even those who use IE11 (v.s. modern browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari). To help address these scenarios, we released the following new resources: These efforts reflect a culture of performance throughout our Product and Technology organization at Salesforce. This should ensure that the performance issues seen by our customers prior to Summer '17 do not return and it reinforces how we will continue to invest in performance enhancements.

    We are always looking for more feedback. Please comment below and let us know whether you are seeing improved performance in your instance. Thank you again for your continued support.
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