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Lightning Experience LEX - lightning speed please!

Lightning Experience

In order for LEX to appeal to our users, it needs to react more quickly or at least be perceived to be faster - right now Lightning is a misnomer. 

We see a landing page while the screen loads, which shows the release logo, animated - it's distracting and appears to be much slower than Salesforce Classic, perhaps up to a couple of seconds. An embarrassed silence while I'm trying to show clients how much better LEX can be, but all they see is the equivalent of the "loading page" stopwatch or clock that you used to see in the 90's.

The reality might be that page loads are similar speed, but taking us to another screen while new new page is loading just makes it look slower. 

Go faster, please!

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  • Helena Starc - 4 months ago

    From Phil Calvin 12/15/16:  Thank you all for your valuable feedback on Lightning Experience performance.  We have carefully reviewed all of your comments with our Engineering, Product and Leadership teams.  Your feedback is driving our engineering efforts to improve both the performance and experience for you - our customers.
    We’ve rebuilt a significant portion of the salesforce experience on Lightning.  But it’s not just a new skin, it’s an effort to broaden and deepen the experience and customizability of the customer experience
    That said, we have to focus on making the performance great.   This is a primary focus for me and my teams for the coming releases and you'll start to see some of these coming in Winter, but that is just a start
    Specifically, we have multiple teams working on projects with the following goals:
    • Improve speed for:
      - First time load of Lightning Experience and subsequent visits
      - Opening new browser tabs when the user is logged in
      - Browser performance improvements
    • Increase the use of caching to reduce calls to the server
    • Utilize on-demand loading, a design pattern to defer initialization of an object until the point which it is needed. This will improve page interaction times effectively across the Lightning Experience
    We are also working on best practice documentation to help you identify the ways you can improve performance in your org, network and browser configurations. As soon as this documentation is complete, we will share it with you here.  We anticipate it being completed by the end of this month.
    Again, please keep the feedback coming so that we can continue to improve the Lightning Experience for you.  Thank you!

    Phil Calvin
    EVP Engineering, Salesforce.com
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