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Enhanced "Login As" Functionality - Simulation Mode

User Experience

The "Login As" another user function is very useful, but enhanced variations could make it even more powerful.

Idea - Login as another user in SIMULATION MODE
    1. Simulation mode would mean that the system performs as it would whie logged in as that user with their permissions etc, but all changes you make to a record while troubleshooting an issue, for example, would not be committed. That way you can resolve issues without actually affecting records / committing changes and saving data. This would allow for full troubleshooting while still leaving the unresolved issue out there for the user to actually perform whatever it was they couldn't do and see that the issue is resolved rather than having to come across the same scenario again to see it is resolved.
    1. Allow users who can't login as others to login as themselves, but in SIMULATION MODE
      1. This would be great for training purposes, allowing a user to work with actual records in the system (rather than having to create test records that mimic a variety of scenarios). No edits to existing records, or newly created records during the session woudl actually be saved as actual date records once the simluation mode session is completed. However this data set created during simulation mode could be stored as data records only accessible during simulation mode
  3. SysAdmins - Ability to Login As a Profile rather than a user
    1. The idea here is that any records affected (edited or created) would show up as the actual user, whereas when you login as another user, all changes made while logged in as that poerson show up as edits by that person. This would allow SysAdmins the ability to test and troubleshoot with different profiles without having to login as another user. If the above idea #1 was implemented then this may be irrelevant as logging in as anotehr user with simulation mode on, not actually committing any changes while doing so, then you could simply login as another user in this mode without committing edits period.

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