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Fix addDays() on the DateTime type

Operational Reporting

I'll use a pop quiz to start the idea:  what should be the debug result of this code?
datetime myDate = datetime.newInstance(2009, 11, 1);
datetime newDate = mydate.addDays(2);

Hint: I'm running this in a US time zone org.  For those of who think it should be 2009-11-03, please read on.

Right now would output 2009-11-02.  I have confirmed this behavior with Tech Support, and they'll report it to R&D.  It's actually fairly easy to see what's going on.  addDays() on DateTime just adds 24 hours per day - blindly.  Unfortunately, some days in a DST (Daylight Saving Time) country are 25 hours.  2009-11-01 is one of the dates.  With the Date/DateTime translation in between, you end up with counter-intuitive results. 

SFDC's advice?  Use Date type only if you only care about the date part.  So for things like LastModifiedDate, convert them to Date first.  That being said, I still think this behavior should be corrected.  Either don't have addDays() on the DateTime type, or make it a little more savvy (time zone aware).  Otherwise it's easy for people to misuse.

Let's finish with another example, shall we? 
datetime myDate = datetime.newInstance(2010, 03, 15);
datetime newDate = mydate.addDays(-1);

I really hope one day it'd be 2010-03-14 for me!

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