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Mass update contact owner

Accounts & Contacts

SalesForce currently offers the ability to easily update LEAD owners. This ability should be available for updating CONTACT owners as well.

How a user currently updates LEAD owner:

To mass transfer leads from one owner to another, the usermust take the following steps:

1: From the home page, navigate to the "Leads" tab.

2: "Create new view" and add the desired filters to include the leads one would like to mass update.

3: When viewing the leads you'd like to update, select the "Action" box in the title bar to select all leads.

4: Select "Change Owner" from the action items above the leads list.

5: Type in or search for the owner you'd like to update the leads to being under.

6: Select "Save."

This short process allows for easily exchanging/transfering leads from owner to owner. Unfortunately, this process is not currently available for updating contacts. Allowing this option in the Contacts section would create consistency throughout the Web site, in addition to allowing users to mass update contact owners without having to use Apexdataloader (which is a fairly large hoop to jump through when trying to make a simple update).

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  • IdeaExchange Moderator - 3 years ago

    Hi Everyone- quick update from Product Managment: This isn't on our current product roadmap, but there are a few options available in the meantime.  In addition to using the Dataloader or Workbench there are a handful of free (no cost) apps on the appexchange, both from Salesforce Labs and other partners. The first search results, "Force2B" is highly rated and free. I recommend reviewing what's available and seeing what might work for you:

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