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Control Community User Visibility per each Community


Currently, the only way to really control the visibility/access between users in a Community is via the Community User Visibility checkbox in Sharing Settings. But this is a global, binary control. What it really needs is control at each Community level; so you can control access behavior independently for each Community.

Example, you have a Partner Community, where the users should not be able to @mention each other or see posts in Chatter by other Partner users. This is a place for the partner to work, and collaborate with your internal team; not each other.
You also have a Customer Community, with Chatter and Discussions (think like the Answers section of the Success Community). There, all users should be able to see each others questions and answers, and @mention other users. How useless would the Answers section be if you could only see questions posted by yourself?
It is currenty impossible to have both of these communities as described above in a single org, at the same time. You can accomplish both scenarios independently with the Community User Visibility set to false or true, respectively.

This is a huge break down in the concept of having multiple communities; and causes tough choices between abandoning collaboration features or compromising on security/segmentation. There is currently no alternative other than 1) turning off Chatter completely, 2) turning off Feed Tracking on key objects for all users (internal and external), or 3) using a Customer Community Template without collaboration features. All three options are terrible (unless you hate Chatter).
Sharing Rules don't work on Customer Community licenses; and you can't make rules to restrict access.

Ideally, this setting would be moved to each community, allowing you to control this behavior as needed in each community. The Partner Community in the scenario above would have Community User Visibility turned off, and the Customer Community would have it turned on.

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