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SObject model extension classes

Accounts & Contacts

SObject classes in are essentially Model classes in an MVC pattern, and they're very powerful in this regard, but they are mostly declaratively defined.

I would like to have a way to use Apex classes as models that act like mixins, extending the functionality of underlying SObject classes.  This would make it easier to cleanly isolate business logic in a model layer where it belongs, and leave Visualforce views and controller classes blissfully uncoupled from those details.

Perhaps, this could be implemented by adding a virtual Extension class to each SObject class that could be used as the subclass for custom extensions...

  class MyContactExtension extends Contact.Extension {

      public MyContactExtension(Contact contact) {

      // ...

  class MyController {
      public MyContactExtension contact {get ; private set ;}

      public MyController() {
          Contact c = [select ... from Contact where ...];
          contact = new MyContactExtension(c);


Ideally, such extensions would be able to expose new attributes that behave like real SObject fields in that they can be used as apex:inputField values in Visualforce forms, specify label text, etc.  It would also be nice to be able to override the extended behavior of existing underlying fields such as by exposing a normally read/write field as read-only or a normally optional field as required.

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