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Lightning Experience - Recycle Bin

Lightning Experience

Add Recycle Bin to Lightning Experience, although user can switch back to Salesforce Classic to access and restore from Recycle Bin, it is just not ideal.

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  • Jennifer Sacks - 4 days ago

    Hi everyone, this idea went up for Community Prioritization as part of our new process for determining what is most important to you all. 

    The big miss here was that the notification that should have gone up highlightning this ideas inclusion in that process (like this one) didn't get posted. Cue the sad horn noise. I won't bore you with all the backend challenges that make this mistakes more common than they should be, but know I'm as frustrated by it as you are. I look forward to the party we can throw when we finally get to replace this site with something better (people are working on it as I type). 

    The good news is that this was one of the top selected ideas during that prioritization cycle. We are still waiting for engineering scoping to complete before we communicate the final final winners, but between us, this is looking like a lock for the Winter '20 release. 

    None of this excuses, to borrow Steve's characterization, the embarassing gap in communication that preceded the prioritization exercise. We are striving to do better. It will take some time, but I appreciate you all keeping us honest on where we still have work to do. There is also a larger conversation to be had on "bugs" vs. "features", and my team is planning some workshops to bring you into how we define and process the different sets of feedback (known issues, ideas, etc.). It know it's slower going that we'd all like, but I so value that you all remain part of the conversations. 

    Expect firm update in mid-May on the delivery details for this. 
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