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Lightning UI needs to support CTRL/COMMAND + CLICK (open link in new tab)

Lightning Experience

The Lightning user interface does not support the CTRL+CLICK (windows) or COMMAND + CLICK (OSX) method of opening a link in a new tab. This is a nightmare for those of us who often need to open 15+ records at a time when we are drilling for information or analyzing a bunch of records.

It's a minor thing, but important for our sanity!

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  • Xander Mitman - 5 months ago

    First, thank you for staying engaged in the process. I've been looped in on several cases as I requested. I've learned some things along the way after various internal conversations here.

    As a starting point, we can collaborate more effectively by getting more precise about the definition of a "link". What I call a "link" is:
    • Clickable text on a record page that you can change the color of from blue (default) to something else via Setup -> Themes and Branding -> Link Color: Use brand color.
    • Clickable text on a report or dashboard.

    A "link" is NOT anything you can click on the page. Many things on the page would more precisely be called a "button".

    Note: Just because a clickable page element shows "Open Link in New Tab" in the right click menu does not mean it's a "link". Many of them are buttons for which the developing team did not follow the best practice of coding it as a button instead of an anchor link. There are so many of them, that would be a logistical challenge to chase them all down, not to mention hard for us to prioritize broadly as a mandate.

    As far as prioritizing enhancements, different teams own different UI elements (links, buttons, etc.). Therefore this very high-level Idea is not really granular enough to peg it to a particular product manager. No product manager = no priority, more or less.

    We're going to need to break this down if we want to make progress. I suggest creating new Ideas for the particular button/link/feature/use case you want support for. Then the individual PM responsible for that area can take ownership of evaluation, prioritization, execution, etc.

    Probably not your ideal response but hope that helps.


    Director, Product Management | Navigation Experience |
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