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Allow Record Name to be formula field while allowing autonumber

Custom Schema

So I was creating a custom object today, and once again found myself in the dilemma - do I make the record object an autonumber or a text field? If I make it a text field, I have to trust that my users are going to stick to the naming conventions in place, but often they don't. If I make it an autonumber field, then I'm stuck with a record name that's not very useful, like "Client Case No 0164". Wouldn't it be great if we could set things up so that we could have a custom formula field as a user was creating a new record, which would feed off certain mandatory fields in the record? I'd like, for example, to create a record name that included the name of the Account, as well as a date from a custom date field, and also a short bit of descriptive text by the user. So my record name would end up using a formula like this (and excuse an syntax errors): {!Account Name} " - Case No " & {0000} & " - {!date} - {!Free text} Making my record name look like: "Joe Bloggs - Case No 0654 - 02/05/2008 - New bicycle"

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  • Shannon Hale - 7 years ago

    Thanks, everyone, for your feedback. I agree on the business value here, and I get that the trigger  and field update workarounds don't provide an optimal experience for your users.

    There are a couple of enhancements regarding default values that are currently higher on the backlog for my team that I think would address a large part of this, which are:
    • allowing default values to be set for standard fields (including the record name)
    • displaying default values in the form when the user creates the record, rather than only inserting it after they click the save button
    These don't address the auto-number aspect of this request and would allow the user to change the name, but seem to have a broader utility. Which is more important to you?
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