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Workflow email alerts to contacts should be recordable as activity history

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The new ability to send email templates to contacts triggered by time-based workflow is a great process automation capability, but we need to see the history of those emails against the contact. There should be a check box when you create an alert that is, "Track history" so that when a contact calls in to discuss the contact of the email we have a record of what was sent.

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  • Jennifer Sacks - 1 year ago

    Hi everyone, thank you for the continued feedback. You are right that we're way overdue for an update here, and for that I sincerely apologize. We value that you each take time to provide us feedback, and our lack of communication here does not properly reflect that appreciation. 

    To be transparent, this functionality has not made it to our firm, short-term roadmap. That said, the energy here is driving our product and engineering teams to take another hard look. At this stage, the concern is less about technical feasibility and more about how to display what could potentially be a large number of emails. Our product lead, Arnab Bose, is having his team dig into this further, and I'll come back with an additional update to share their findings. I know this isn't the ideal news, especially after a gap in communication. I can only apologize, and ask for patience while we take another pass at this one. 
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