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Adam Shulman

Gmail to Salesforce - TRUE Integration

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To integrate with Gmail and Google Apps, the proposed solution is to add the unique Email-To-Salesforce email address to be blind-copied on every email sent. Currently, emails BCC'd to one's personal add-to-Salesforce email address can be associated only with Contacts, not Contacts AND/OR opportunities as with the Outlook integration tool. This means that one must go to every individual Contact to view the overall Account or Opportunity activities. There is no master Opportunity or Account activity list. Additionally, adding emails received in Gmail is not possible. Only emails that Salesforce users send can be associated with Salesforce -- that is, only HALF of all correspondance is tracked. How is one supposed to manage Opportunities if is not possible to see all correspondance/activities in one place? Can the "Add to Salesforce" and "Sync" functionality available for Outlook not simply be added to Gmail?

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Kristie Garafola

Hi Everyone- this Idea is being reviewed by our product management team so that we can post a fresh update. I will share it with you once we have it available. 

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