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Opportunities to Contract one to one linearRelationship

Operational Reporting

Contracts have an approval and activate mechanism that allows for greater controls by the organization as to what is an actual sale. It is up to the Sales rep to determine a closed sale with respect to the stage involved as opposed to a manager signing off on the contract after a document has been signed. Standard contracts within Salesforce.com do not relate to any specific opportunity. Data as to what has been sold to a client with respect to products, pricing, schedules and such is not housed on the contract entity I think a linear one-to-one relationship should be created between opportunities and contracts that pulls all of the exisiting information in a given opportunity (i.e. products, notes, history, pricing) and submits it as a draft contract to the manager. The opportunity is then locked for editing or deleting by the Sales rep pending activation by the manager. Once validation of a signature from the client is obtained the manager can activate the contract, if it is not obatined they can open it back up and the Sales rep can work the opportunity until siganture is obtained. After activation the contract is the single source of truth for data within the system and can be counted on as accurate when reporting is done. Further, versioning should exist if the contract needs to be edited after activation in the case of cancelation, changed in contract length or size, etc.

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  • Tony Perisin - 6 years ago

    Please see comments on this Idea: https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000BpjhAAC targeted for Summer '14 (Safe Harbor).

    To provide greater flexiblity to support a wider variety of busines models, we chose to implement this as a standard lookup field to support a many-to-one relationship between Opportunity and Contract.  This would support the common use case of add-on business (i.e., Opportunities) for an existing Contract.  The new standard field would also support a one-to-one relationship.  This is an optional field.  

    If your business requires a different relationship betwen Opportunity and Contract, you may consider using custom fields or a custom junction object (to support many-to-many use cases).

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