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Customize lead convert

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Could you please allow us to customize and restrict the buttons or options available on the "Convert" page? For instance - we don't want our Sales Reps to be allowed to automatically create a new opportunity. Can we remove that option? Also we want it to be required that they make a new activity when they convert to a contact. Can this be possible?

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  • Brooke Lane - 1 month ago

    Hello to all of you who have contributed to and continue to follow this feature request conversation.  I'm extremely excited to preview for you the enhanced Lightning Lead Convert product we intend to release this summer (Safe Harbor, of course).  You all presented us with a tremendous challenge, particularly with respect to the number of different features for which you attributed a high value.  As we engaged this challenge, we divided the work into two areas of focus, which I'll detail below:

    1. Bring forward the best of the Classic features that you've requested:
    • Pre-populate Account Name: We will insert the Lead Company name into the Account Name field, so you don't have to type it in yourself.  Of course you can edit it if you'd like.
    • Suggested Opportunity Name: We will use the "Account_Name-" naming convention as a suggested opportunity name, and you can accept or edit from there.
    • One-click streamlined flow: Time is money, so we have revised the flow so that if you like what you see in the Lead Convert modal with respect to the data we've pulled in from the lead, and other fields like Record Owner and Converted Status, you can move forward by clicking the Convert button
    • Create Task option: Users were strongly divided between the group that says: "I love tasks and create them with every convert I do", and the group who says: "I never use tasks and don't like them taking up space on my screen".  The new Lead Convert process locates task creation in a place where it is highly accessible for those who want it and far out of the way for those who don't.
    2. Add highly requested new features and functionality:
    • Display matching accounts from Duplicate Rules: In our Spring Release, we presented accounts that our search engine identifies as closely matching the company name from the lead, but we realize that many of you are taking advantage of our powerful Matching/Duplicate Rules engine to look more deeply into object attributes to find matches.  Our new Lead Convert flow will surface these for you in addition to our search matches.
    • Contact and contact matches presented in the primary flow: You all know that Lead Convert creates from your lead an Account, Contact and Opportunity (optional), but the modal has always just shown the account an opportunity detail.  In the new Lead Convert product, we'll show you the contact to be created and any matches in the same place where you see the other information
    • Attach to existing open Opportunities: One of our highest requested new features has been to have the ability to attach to existing opportunities.  In the new process, if you specify an existing account, then we'll allow you to attach the new lead to any existing open opportunities on that account.
    • Contact and Opportunity Record Type Selection: Another mega-request from customers, and one the team really pushed to complete for the release.  Now you'll be able to select record type for all the created objects
    Clean, crisp, intuitive user experience: Doing all of these things was extremely difficult, but doing them in a way that is highly usable and engaging was an additional challenge.  I'm extremely excited about the user interface we are developing and look forward to showing it to all of you very soon.
    #Safe Harbor
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