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Ability to customize the columns in the Items to Approve section on home page

Process Automation

When workflow approval process is setup, should give the flexibility to customize the columns of the "Items to Approval" section under the user's home page. Some user might need to see the different relevant important fields, at the moment, the user will have to click the button "Manage All" to manage the details list views.

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  • Alex Edelstein - 2 months ago

    I wanted to draw the attention of this group to an improved "Items to Approve" component available for installation as a community extension: 

    User-added image


    This community component replaces and improves upon the Items to Approve component used to allow users to quickly assess and address approval process requests. It provides the column customization requested here (in the image above, the columns "Class" and "Close Date" are both custom additions). It's full feature set:

    • Restores missing columns from the Classic component, including Submitter, Submission Date, and Recent Approver
    • Add additional custom columns of your choice to surface critical information for rapid decision making.
    • Works on all lightning pages, including Home, User, standard and custom record pages
    • Support for Delegate Approvals
    • Support for Queues
    • Optionally hide the Reassign button.

    I want to be the first to acknowledge that an unmanaged open source component like this is not a substitute for adding this functionality officially to the Approval Processes product. However, during this time when other priorities are consuming resources, you may want to consider it as a nice enhancement to today's available functionality. 


    If there's interest in this component, we will get it added to AppExchange as an official Salesforce Labs component.

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