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Dynamic Report Filter Criteria

Reports & Dashboards

Dynamic Report Filter Criteria... Currently, we have our Account Managers listed as the Account Owner for each account that they manage. We wanted to build an actionable dashboard for each of our managers that would only DISPLAY data that pertained to their accounts. (Due to visibility criteria, the reports themselves already restricted the visible results to display the AMs account data only which was fine, but the dashboard CHARTS would reflect data pertaining to All Cases, making the charts themselves virtually non-actionable for the AMs. At this point, the best weve been able to do is add the account managers Owner Alias to the report filter criteria and save a new report for each dashboard element of each manager. This is no problem if youre talking about 1 report or 1 dashboard or 1 manager, but if youre talking about cloning a 20 element Account Manager Dashboard for 20 AMs, you end up editing and saving A LOT of new reports with the customized Account Owner Alias search criteria. You also end up having to not only clone, but re-map the source report for each of the 20 elements on the dashboard every time you clone. It can become pretty cumbersome pretty quickly. Maybe this has already been developed (if so, I havent found it yet), but what Id like to see is the ability to use dynamic filter criteria in the report. Maybe something similar to what is used in the dynamic web links used in the Accounts tab (displayed above)...

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