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Allow Multiple Contacts per Lead

Campaigns & Leads

For companies that sell complex solutions, more than one player is involved. Assume we have a company we know about (a Lead) and we want to convert that Lead into an Account, Contact & Opportunity since they are interested in entering a multi-step sales process. Conceptually, your account is still a Prospect because you have not closed the opportunity yet. If the prospect doesn't buy, they will end up as an Account. The current available solution is to move them back to a Lead (which is crazy since then you lose the many people you interacted with since the Lead only stores one name). The other option is you leave it as an account of type "Prospect" or something similar. If you leave the prospect which decided not to buy as an Account you have some strange scenarios that occur: 1. When you want to do a mailing to all of your prospects, you need Leads and Accounts of type Prospect. But, you can't send a mailer to an Account in salesforce, it has to be a Contact or Lead. This is really frustrating if you are using campaigns because you may have multiple types of Accounts (i.e. Accounts can be Customers, Partners, Vendors, Prospects, etc.). In our example above, say we have an Account, 3 Contacts on the executive team, and 1 Opportunity. To mail to them using campaigns you would need to know what Type of Account you are dealing with (i.e. Prospect) so you can pull only those contacts and not Account contacts of type Customer. But when you use the built in campaign feature to mail to a small group of people, there is no way to distinguish those contacts that are of type prospect without hand picking them one by one. On the campaign screen there is no way to look at both a contact and an account (i.e. show me all the contacts of type prospect so I can add them into my campaign along with my leads to mail to). 2. It gets even dicier when you have multiple prospect types on your account record (i.e. "prospects" and "target prospects" and prospects that are "too small now" to use your solution (target prospects represent companies you know a ton of information about and you have to work them for months to get an opportunity which will make for a nice sale, prospects are companies that may not be on your target list). In summary, there needs to be a better mechanism around Leads and Accounts that haven't yet matured into a sale. Leads should allow you to add multiple contacts for one company. And there needs to be better visibility of both leads and accounts of certain types since prospects invariably end up as both Lead and Account entities in salesforce.

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  • William Moxley - 8 years ago

    My advice is to model these as Accounts and Contacts and set the Type="Prospect" on the Account.   That is the way I would have modeled this.  If you want to track several people's names and keep track of the relationship - it's probably worth putting into an Account and a Contact.  

    The original idea mentioned that you can't create a campaign where you select Contact where the Account is of Type=Prospect-but you can do this. I tried it and it was relatively easy.  So you could create a new campaign, add new members, filter on Contacts where Account: Type=Prospect and then add them to the campaign.

    User-added image

    I haven't seen a CRM application that has multiple Contacts on a lead (and I'm familiar with quite a few CRM applications) without doing major configuration (which you could do in if you wanted to but I would advise against).  If someone is aware of CRM applicatoin that models leads with Multiple Contacts, please point me to it so I can have a look.

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