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Dominic Lucia

Transfer Notes & Attachments to another object

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It would be nice to be able to transfer notes & attachments from one object to another. Currently, through the Apex DataLoader and API and UI, it is not possible to modify/change the "Related To" or ParentID field.

For example, if you have a household account and you store notes/attachments related to the husband and also for the wife, and the couple divorce, there is no easy way to seperate and transfer those records to another object. This is what you would have to do:

1) Create a new note and copy & paste the text from the old object to the new object

Disadvantage: You lose the Created By and timestamp tracking.

2) Download the Attachment to your local hard drive and create a new Attachment and upload the document.

Disadvantage: Wasted time to download/upload attachment. You lose the Created By and timestamp tracking. It is possible to do almost everything else through the API but this. So, this would be a great addition for the next release!

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