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Report Grouping By Date With No Values

Reports & Dashboards

When you create a summary report and select a date field as a summary field, you have the option of grouping by day, week, etc. The problem is that is no records fall within a date period, there is no summary value for the period, and, therefore, no period. The lack of a value is particularly evident when trying to graph the result. For instance, if your values are: Mon - 5 Tue - 4 Wed - 0 Thu - 0 Fri - 3 The report, and the graph, only show: Mon - 5 Tue - 4 Fri - 3 What I want is an a type of outer join on the date field so that date groups (day, week, month, etc) within the overall date range are represented with a zero value that would smooth out the graphic results. And while I am at it, the day grouping join should also be able to include or exclude non-working days (like Saturday or Sunday).

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