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Function to determine object type for whoId and whatId

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Tasks and Events have two fields (whoId and whatId) that can reference multiple object types ... whoId => Lead|Account, whatId => Account|Asset|Campaign|Case... I'd like to see a function that would return the name of the object type being referenced that we could use in S-controls, formula fields, reports, etc. e.g. {!$ObjectTypeName(WhoId)} This would allow someone working on a Task record to do queries on the related object like so: var queryResult = sforce.connection.query("Select Name from {!$ObjectTypeName(WhoId)} where Id='{!WhoId}'"); ... or construct different query strings depending on the object type returned.

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Andrew Waite

Asking for and referencing data from a SOQL query requires use of the relationship name which, in a few cases is equivalent to the type name. There isn't a case I know of where you refer to name fields against the type. Per above you would ask for and reference the value using the syntax "Who.Name" or "Who.Type", etc. and not "Name.<field>".

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